Dr. Dongdong Guo

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Graduated from a six-year medical degree program at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in 1993, I received my Medical Bachelor's degree (MD equivalent) in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This No.1 TCM medical university provided me comprehensive trainings in both TCM and modern medicine with a focus on integrative medicine. Since then, I have practiced acupuncture/TCM and more recently conducted medical research for more than 20 years.

 I firmly believe that, combined with your standard cares from primary care physicians/specialists, my experiences can help you restore balance, improve physical/emotional health naturally and ultimately achieve overall well-being.

Being a physician/researcher previously broadens my understanding of essence of Chinese Medicine from a modern researcher of point-of-view, which is to promote healthy living style, promote natural healing and modulate immunity through preventative cares of acupuncture/Chinese herb medicine. Let's work together to improve your heath!